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BsaB Story

The name BsaB (Bee-sah-Bee) is derived from the word “wabi-sabi” which means “The Imperfect Nature” which celebrates the beauty of the undisturbed natural world. BsaB started creating candles in the living room of a small Thai townhouse in 2006. Since then have been committed to create the finest organic candles & diffusers in earth-friendly and people-friendly forms. Our products are hand-made to ensure the highest quality.

BsaB is best known for its unique diffusers, the only diffusers in the world that consist of 100% natural undiluted essential oils. Not all natural ingredients contain essential oils, to be able to offer these scents anyway we have developed `Natural Fragrances`. These scents are based on natural ingredients but modified. Hence we can offer a great range of scents.

We also discovered our own brand unique branches; Sida rhombifolia linn, a tropical weed native to Thailand. We carefully choose the right shape and size and then we skin, wash and dry the branches. They look amazing and because  of the hollow structure our branches also diffuse a lot better.

All BsaB candles consist of 100% pure soy wax and an unbleached cotton wick. Soy wax is natural, pure and clean and is free from any chemical preservatives or chemical stabilizers. If that isn´t enough,
soy wax candles even burn longer than petroleum-based candles. It is renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable making it the obvious healthy alternative.

In 2015 the greenest facility in Asia was established. This net-zero facility is eco-friendly and self-sustainable. The facility provides in all its own energy by solar cells and wind turbines, the plant is not connected to the electric grid or the public water supply. Healthy and delicious meals are provided to our BsaB family and those who visit us. From the cultivation of our own organic vegetable farm and fish pond!